1. Open https://store.ray.life/

2. Login with your Operation Credentials

3. Click on Add Hardware

 4. Input the details


        Batch Name

        Batch Description


    You can add MAC Address either individually or Bulk/Batch. 


    A) Adding Individually.

        Select Model Number

        Input MAC Address

    And then Press Confirm.

    B) Press Choose Bulk Upload. (You may check the sample file for reference)

        Select the file

        And then Press Confirm.


5. Go To Activate Hardware

    Here there would be multiple entries created per Hardware Model type. 

    There are 3 Stages to Hardware Activation 

    1. Press Check Status

        If the Hardware is activated then proceed to the next step.

    2. Press Unlock 

        If the Hardware is successfully unlocked then go to next step.

    3. Press Controller or Label to download the file. 

        The CSV shall contain the Hardware & code.

    4. The controller file can be used in Controller -> Access Points -> Add AP -> Bulk Upload

        The label file can be used to generate labels for the AP. 

Thank You

Ray Support