Password-based SSID (WPA2/WPA3) IN Ray in NAT/Route/Gateway Mode

Article Assumptions

The network (as/similar) to the network diagram shown below is already configured. 

Step 1. Login to your cloud controller with your username & password. 

Step 2. Ray provides configuration via the below profiles 

    1. Radio

    2. AP Settings

    3. Radius

    4. Tunnel Interface

    5. Hotspot 2.0

    6. WLAN

    7. Network Interface

    8. IP Reservation

    9. Policy

    10. Group

If your AP receives the IP Address via DHCP then, none of the settings except WLAN need to be created. 

    In this case, the Default WAN will already have the IP Address via DHCP. 

If your AP receives the IP Address via Static IP/VLAN/PPPoE then please refer to the article about how to do the same. 

Now, the Ray shall be in NAT/Gateway/Route Mode which means that it shall be acting as the DHCP and leasing the IP Address to the downstream devices. 

Do Note that only 1 Ray can be in NAT/Gateway/Route Mode to avoid duplication of IP Address.

The remainder of the Ray can be in "Repeater" Mode behind the Gateway Ray.

The configuration should be done when the first AP is added. It should be in Gateway Mode.

To check, Go To Access Points -> Select the AP -> Go To Actions.

Updating the WLAN Profile.

Step 3. DHCP Server Settings

           Go To Profiles -> Available Profile -> Network Interface

           Select Default LAN. Go to Actions-> View

You may update the settings as required. 

Press Submit.

Go To Profiles -> Attached Profile -> Network Interface

Select Default LAN -> Actions -> Publish in current cluster or Publish in all.

Step 4. Go To Profiles -> Available Profile -> WLAN. Press "Create WLAN"

Fill in the below details

    1. Profile Name. Name of the AP Profile.

    2. Description. Description of the AP Profile.

    3. Select (Open/Password/Enterprise) from the drop-down.

    4. SSID Name that you want to broadcast. This is what shall be visible to users on their phones/laptops.

    5. Radios. Select which radio you want to broadcast this SSID on. Recommended is 2.4 & 5

    6. Group (Leave empty for now)

    7. Security. Select Password Authentication 

    8. Input Password of the SSID.

    9. Encryption. Select WPA2 as standard. You may select WPA3 if required.

    10. Network Interface. The default is "Bridge". Change this to "NAT". Select "Default LAN".

    11. Other advanced settings can be ignored in case of a simple setup. 

    12. Press Submit.

Step 5. Go to Actions & Select Attach.

Step 6. Go To Profiles -> Available Profile -> WLAN.

           Press Publish in the current cluster if you only have a single cluster. 

Step 7. Go To Jobs.

You can check the jobs created for publishing the SSID. 

Once the job is "FINISHED" , the SSID would be broadcasting. 

Step 8. Adding more AP.

    1. Connect the AP to the network via PoE or DC + Network. 

    2. If the AP was previously in some other mode, it is recommended to Hard Reset the AP by holding the           RESET button for 20 seconds. 

    3. Access the AP Console by following the steps here, Accessing Ray AP Web GUI / Console

    4. Click on WAN Settings -> Enable Repeater Mode. 

    5. Follow the same procedure for all the AP that have to be setup in the "Repeater" Mode.

       All the AP shall be created in "Repeater" Mode under the main AP in Gateway/NAT/Route Mode.

Thank You

Ray Support