The Mesh mode can be setup in 2 Modes. 

A) Bridge with the WAN and 

B) NAT/Gateway/Route Mode. 

In this article, we shall explore the B) NAT/Gateway/Route Mode. 

The Network architecture shall be similar to the diagram below. 

Note: Only 1 Ray AP can be in NAT/Route/Gateway Mode in one Network. All other Ray AP need to be in the Mesh Repeater (or simply Repeater Mode).

Step 1. Create the Ray Account and setup your first AP. Please follow the steps here. First time setup of Ray

We shall break down the process in Two Parts. 

A. Setting up the Mesh Gateway. 

    Mesh Gateways are the Ray AP which are connected via a Wired Internet connection which is bridged to the WAN     Network.

B. Setting up the Mesh Repeater. 

    Mesh Repeaters are the Ray AP which shall be connected to the Ray AP via Mesh Network. 

For Part A, Setting up the Mesh Gateway

Assuming, Step 1 is complete, proceed as below. 

Step 2. Login to Cloud Controller using your username & password on

Step 3. Click on App Store. 

Step 4. Select Mesh Mode Application. 

Press Subscribe or Activate the 15 Day trial of the App. 

Check out the cart post filling the required details. 

Step 5. In the Ray Controller,

Go To Profiles -> Available Profile -> Radio -> View

Click on "Enable Mesh"

Press Submit. Press Attach. 

Go To Profiles -> Attached Profile -> Radio. 

Select the profile -> Go To Actions -> Publish in current cluster.

Step 6. In the Ray Controller, 

Go To Profiles -> Wlan

Press "Create Wlan" or Select View on an existing WLAN.

For creating a new Wlan, Please follow instructions mentioned in Ray in Gateway/NAT/Route mode

Go To Advance. Select Enable Mesh.

Go To Profiles -> Attached Profile -> Wlan. 

Select the profile -> Go To Actions -> Publish in current cluster.

At this stage, you can add more AP in Gateway Mode if required. 

For Part B, Setting up the Mesh Repeater

Step 7. Adding more AP in Repeater Mode.

    1. Connect the AP to the network via PoE or DC + Network. 

    2. If the AP was previously in some other mode, it is recommended to Hard Reset the AP by holding the         RESET button for 20 seconds. 

    3. Access the AP Console by following the steps here Accessing Ray AP Web GUI / Console

    4. Click on WAN Settings -> Enable Repeater Mode. 

    5. Follow the same procedure for all the AP that have to be setup in the "Repeater" Mode.

Post this setting all the Ray would be setup in Mesh Gateway & Repeater Mode. 

Thank You

Ray Support