A captive portal is a web page that controls access to a public network. Users must typically authenticate or accept terms of use before gaining full access to the internet. It is commonly used in places like hotels, airports, and coffee shops to provide secure and managed internet access. 

To create a Voucher Captive Portal, bellow mentioned steps can be followed:

1. Create a Voucher Batch

2. Create a Captive Portal, and map the created voucher.

3. Map the Captive Portal into the WLAN.

1. Create a Voucher Batch

Step 1. To create a Voucher Batch, Click on Captive Portal > Voucher > Create Voucher Batch.

Fill in the below details. 

   - Voucher Batch Name

    -Voucher Batch Quantity. Number of vouchers to be created in the batch.

   - Voucher Batch Price. The voucher can be free (0) or paid. This is used for reporting purposes. 

    -Validity. The voucher validity from the date of voucher generation. The voucher shall be invalid post this date.

    -Voucher Length. The length of the voucher code. 

    -Portal. Select the portal on which the voucher batch shall be valid. 

    -Numbers/Uppercase/Lowercase. The voucher code can be numbers or alphanumeric.

Step 2. Activate the Voucher Batch.

2.  Create a Captive Portal, and map the created voucher. 

Step1. Click on Captive Portal > Portal > click on + Create Portal

On selecting Create portal, a pop window will show with options as shown below

Step2. Click on none >  Click on Save. 

On proceeding from the previous step, a drop-down box requesting Authentication type will be visible.

Step3. Click on the drop menu and select voucher as the authentication type.

Step4. Click on the SELECT TEMPLATE(S) button and choose the Business Category.

Step 5. Select the Business Category. 

Step 6. Input the details. 

Welcome Message: The message to be displayed on the Title of the Portal. Press the Save (Tick) icon.

Redirect URL: The URL to be redirected upon successful login. Press the Save (Tick) icon.

Background Image: You can change the default background image to the background image of your liking. 

Logo: The business logo/icon can be updated.

Press Close.

Step 7. You can preview the page by clicking on Preview button.

Your Preview.

3. To Map the Captive Portal into the WLAN.

Step1.  Click on Profiles > WLAN > click on + Create WLAN.

A new pop-up will open. 

Step2. Provide the Profile Name, and Description and select Definition as Captive Portal.

-Go to the Captive Portal section and select the created captive Portal. and click on the save button.

Now you have successfully created the voucher-based Captive Portal.

If you want to create a Policy like Quota, time, Web-filtering, etc. you can follow the below link

For Creating Policies

Please refer to the below article to create Policies. 


After creating the policy kindly map it into the security group.

For Creating a Security Group
Please refer to the below article to create Groups. 


After creating the policy kindly map it into the Wlan.

For Creating WLAN
Please refer to the below article to create Groups. 

Your Voucher-based Captive Portal should be working. 



Thank you,

Ray support Team