Introduction to Cluster:

The Cluster for Ray; means a logical group of Ray appliances. It could be used to create:

  1. Site
  2. building on a campus
  3. Floor in a building
  4. room in a building
  5. logical separation of AP in the same location. 

The top left of the screen shows the below elements:

  1. Name of the Cluster
  2. Cluster ID of the Cluster

To View, the Clusters, click the Overflow Menu on the Top Left 

You may update cluster details, such as cluster name, location, tags etc. by clicking Update Cluster

You may update the cluster details as below:

You may search the location in the search bar or input the Latitude & Longitude directly. 

You may update the time-zone as well. Press Update once is done.

Child Clusters:

Ray is a multi-tenant; multi-level controller system allows you to create a multi-level Cluster.

A Child cluster is a smaller subset of nodes that is created as part of a hierarchical clustering process. It is formed by dividing a larger cluster into smaller ones until the desired number of clusters is achieved. Child clusters inherit the properties such as configuration and settings from their parent cluster and can be further divided into even smaller/sub-child clusters. Child clusters are often used to distribute workloads or isolate specific tasks, while still being part of the overall cluster infrastructure. While creating Child cluster, you can fill in the details like Cluster Name, location, tags, etc.

At each level of the Cluster, you may have the following set Individually,

  1. Devices - Access Points, Edge-devices, Switches etc
  2. Profiles and configuration settings
  3. Users

The access control & Inheritance of the above works as expected, the top-level cluster has access to the cluster details of its own child clusters. This Cluster system of Ray enables it to create complex setups and large deployments with relative ease. 

Create a new Child cluster, you can follow these steps:
Step 1.) Go to the Parent cluster (Cluster Name), in which you wish to add a new child cluster. 
Step 2.) Click on the three strips in the top right corner, as shown
Step 3.) Click on Create new
Step 4.) Fill up all the below-mentioned details for the child cluster.
Step 5.) Now select the appliance that is to be added to the new child cluster. 
  1. You can select to move appliance to the cluster also if required by selecting the appliance. Then press Save. 
  2. Else, you can select no AP and press Save.
Step 6.) Click on the save button, and the device will be added to a new child cluster.

Thank You

Ray Support.