Username & Password Captive Portal

The username & password Captive Portal is a type of Captive Portal which allows the users to login to the portal with a username & password. 

Ray allows the users to create the username & password within the system itself. 

Ray also allows connecting to external username & password sources like LDAP, AD, etc. 

Follow the below steps to create a Username & Password Captive Portal.

Step 1. Create the Ray Account and setup your first AP. Please follow the steps here, First time setup of Ray

Step 2. Login to Cloud Controller using your username & password on

Step 3. Click on the Captive Portal menu.

Step 4. On clicking the create portal tab, a pop menu will come up requesting for Pre Authentication method, We shall select none for this article.

Step 5. On the Authentication tab, select Authentication type as Username and Password.


Step 6. On the SELECT TEMPLATE(S)  tab, chose a business category from the available options, In this article we chose Cafe as the business Category.

Step 7. After Selecting the Business Category. Leave the OTP Config as empty. 

Authentication Type. 

There are 2 types of Authentication that Ray supports.

Internal Authentication. 

    In this case, the authentication credentials are stored in the Ray system itself. 

    In the case of username & password, the user is created in the system itself. 

External Authentication

    In this case, the authentication credentials are outside the Ray system. 

    Examples of such are LDAP or Microsoft AD etc. 

    Ray connects to such services via RADIUS connection.

For this example, select Internal Authentication.

Press Save.

Step 8. Input the details. 

Welcome Message: The message to be displayed on the Title of the Portal. Press the Save (Tick) icon.

Redirect URL. The URL to be redirected upon successful login. Press the Save (Tick) icon.

Background Image. You can change the default background image to the background image of your liking. 

Logo. The business logo/icon can be updated.

Press Close.

Step 9. You can preview the page by clicking the link. 

Step 10. Creating Policies

             Please refer to the below article to create Policies, Understanding Policy

Step 11. Creating Groups

             Please refer to the below article to create Groups, Understanding Groups

Step 12. Creating the Captive Portal Users

             Go To Templates -> Captive Portal Users

             Click Create User

This is the screen to create the users for the captive portal. 

There are 3 options to do so. 

1. Manually create a username & Password. You can also bind it to a specific MAC Address if you want to. 

2. Bulk Upload username & Password from a file. 

3. Have the Ray system generate username & passwords. 

Step 15. Select Portal & Groups 

The user has to be bind to a Captive Portal group. 

Step 13. Publishing Wi-Fi

Go to Profiles -> Available Profiles -> Wlan

Input the below details. 

    Profile Name. Give a proper name to the Wlan profile. 

    Description of the Wlan Profile.

    Definition. From the dropdown, select the Captive Portal. 

    Captive Portal. Select the Captive Portal Template created in Step 6.

    Plans. Select the Group created Step 11

    Network Interface. By default, the Wlan is Bridged to the WAN Interface.

    Press Submit.

Step 14. Go to Actions & Select Attach.

Step 15. Go To Profiles -> Available Profile -> WLAN.

             Press Publish in the current cluster if you only have a single cluster. 

Your Username & Password Captive Portal is ready !

Thank You

Ray Support