Prerequisites - To set up your Ray Appliance, you must ensure they are connected to the Internet with full access.

If the Appliance is behind a firewall please ensure that the permissions are in place as described in the Network Requirement article.

A steady BLUE LED is an indication that the AP can communicate to the Internet. You can check the Ray AP LED Statuses article for details on LED statuses.

If your Appliance requires settings like Static IP/PPOE/VLAN etc., please refer to the below article


1. Go to and click Create Account - As soon as you click on the "Create Account" button, it will take you to the registration process form, Refer to the following step-by-step guidelines to complete the Ray signup process.

2. Fill up the first device details to start with the controller access.

Figure 1.a:  Ray service signup and first AP registration process form.

     i )   Put the MAC Address (It should be on the Appliance)

           Please refer to Figure 1.b to find the MAC address detail location of your AP

    ii )  Put the Security Code. Security code is the last 6 digits of the Serial Number. 

          (e.g. FUTHxF). 

          Please refer to Figure 1.b to find the Serial number detail location of your AP


          In case, you still don't have the security code, please get in touch with support by creating a ticket.

Figure 1.b: Ray Appliance sticker with MAC address and Serial number details:

    iii )  Select the mode “Bridge + Firewall Or Bridge No Firewall” for the Ray Access Point and Gateway for Ray Edge Appliance.

3. Fill up the signup form to use our services.

Make sure you fill up your official or available email ID in the form details because your subscription validation code 

( OTP ) will also be sent to that email ID and your ray service login credentials. 

Make sure you select your appropriate time zone. If your timezone is not present, please contact customer support,


Note - In case you are not able to register even after inserting the correct details,please refer to the article to troubleshoot it - Troubleshoot your first Appliance setup during registration


Thank you,

Ray support Team