Ray Quick reference guide

1)  Unboxing

Congratulations on the purchase of your Ray AP. 

This quick reference guide describes what is next after you receive the Ray AP delivery and after Unboxing what is the procedure to enjoy your Ray AP services.

First of all, when you receive your AP, during the unboxing you will find the below-listed items.

                   Item                                                                             Qty

1)                Ray AP                              Fig  1.a                                1

2)                Power Adapter ( 12 v)       Fig  1.b                                1

3)                Product reference guide                                                1

            Fig  1.a

        Fig  1.b

2)  Deployment:


      Ray AP deployment is unlike other wireless products, you just to need to have few things

      on hand and anyone can deploy it themselves.

     Pre-requisites to enable Ray AP service are as given below.

 2.1   -  Active Internet connection

 2.2   -  Note down the Mac address and security code ( last 6 digits of the serial number )mentioned on the sticker

            at the bottom side of the AP.