Radius profile for Enterprise authentication

       1)   Go to Radius

       2)  Add prerequisite details

       3) Radius profile in WLAN configurations.

Radius profile for Enterprise authentication

Suppose you don't want password based Wi-Fi login and you want Employees to login to the Wi-Fi network with their 

AD /LDAP username and password, then it is very much possible by integrating AD / LDAP with Ray Radius service.

For that instance, there are prerequisites that need to be taken care of to enable enterprise authentication.

The following details would be required for the same :

1. Radius Authentication Server IP

2. Radius Authentication Server Port

3. Radius Authentication Secret

Assumptions :

The NPS Radius server will be reachable by the Access Point.

For the testing purpose, we have created an instruction document to use the free radius server from JumpCloud and the document link is:  Free online Radius server with Jump cloud

To start with Enterprise authentications settings, follow below given steps.

1)   Go to Radius

Go to Profiles --> Available profile --> Radius and click "Create Radius" just as marked in the below snapshot.

2)  Add prerequisite details

As soon as you click on "Create Radius" it will popup one template form asking for the details like,


   - Authentication Server

   - Authentication Port

   - Auth shared secret

   Fill up the asking details from the JumpCloud Radius profile for testing purpose.

   check below the snapshot image for reference.

3) Radius profile in WLAN configurations.

     After you fill-up the required details and create the Radius profile, you need to select this profile during the WLAN 

     the profile you want to create for Employees.

Chose security mode to Enterprise Authentication:


Chose Radius profile as given in the below snapshot image:

Congratulations on setting up your first Enterprise Authentication with Ray radius service.

Thank you,

Ray support.