Gateway - Client Mesh with PSK based authentication. (DHCP)

This scenario is based upon a network without any VLANs configurations.

Suppose we have muliple Ray APs with 1 AP as a gateway and others as a client. And we want to have same Wi-Fi connectivity through the building, campus or office where all APs are in synchup with each other, then this scenario explains how to configure Ray APs, and setup procedure is as

setup procedure:

After adding 2 APs in your cluster ( 1st as Gateway and 2nd as a client ), follow the below given steps to enable Mesh in your network.

Step-1 LAN interface configuration

To enable the Mesh you need to make a few changes to make it work.

Go to your main parent cluster and there you need to configure Interfaces as directed below.

Profiles  -->  Aviable Profile --> Network Interface --> Defaul LAN interface for SSID1

Action button --> View --> Network interface template --> Mesh configuration ( tick mark Enable mesh option) 

Step-2  WAN interface configuration

The previous step was for the LAN interface and now this step is for the WAN interface for the APs in Client mode.

Default WAN for Bridge and Client Mode --> Action button 

Action button --> View option --> Default WAN for bridge and client Mode Network internface template --> Mesh configurations ( tick mark Enable mesh option )

Step-3  WLAN profile configuration

Create a WLAN profile and select gateway Interface as Default LAN ssid1 which we have enabled with Mesh option.

Step-4  Testing and verification of Mesh network

After this procedure, to test the mesh setup follow the below procedure steps.

1) First of all, remove the LAN cable of the "Client AP"

2) After removing the LAN cable, make sure you reboot "Client AP".

3) After a reboot of the "Client AP" check this document to see if your "Client AP" is up and running properly or not.

 Ray AP ( for Vega models) booting process with LED status

After LAN cable removal and "Client AP" reboot, the LED light of the AP remains stable which means your "Client AP" is connected with Mesh network with your "Gateway AP".

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