Ray AP in Station / Repeater mode

To set up your Ray AP in station/repeater is a very easy and very few step procedure.

Step 1

After you only provide power to the Ray AP, it will start broadcasting its default SSID.

Refer below document to understand default SSID and how to connect with default SSID.

Default SSID connectivity for manual AP console

Step 2 

As soon as you connected with the default broadcast SSID, you can use into web browser to take the web console of the Ray AP.

To configure Ray AP in station mode, go to WAN settings --> Configure Station Mode.

Just like example given in the below snapshot.

As soon as you insert any Hostspot or other wifi SSID and pass key details in Station mode configuration template and submit, it will start connecting to that wireless internet service and it will start serving in station / repeater mode.

Step 3

To confirm whether AP is actually active in station mode, you can confirm on your cluster where you have added.

check below snapshot which is explaining how can you confirm if AP is up and active, you can see uplink and downlinks 

are green color which means your AP is receiving internet through the wireless hot spot which you have configured in local broadcast and it has start serving as a station /repeater.

Thank you,

Ray support.