Introduction to Captive portals

A captive portal is a web page accessed with a web browser that is displayed to newly connected users of a Wi-Fi or wired network before they are granted broader access to network resources.

There are several different types of captive portals.

a) Voucher based captive portal:  

This captive portal work with voucher code authentication, the user needs to enter a valid and correct voucher provided by the Internet distributor ( office or public places like Malls), and with a valid and correct code Internet service will be available with a certain amount of data or fixed time duration depends on what plan has been selected for the Voucher based users.

b) Survey based captive portal:

This type of captive portal contains certain survey questions and details asking fields, after filling up the survey and answering questions asked in the survey user will get the Internet service.

Mostly shopping center or cafeteria, restaurants use this to get the data information about the customer's response to the services and products.  

c) OTP captive portal:

This type of captive portal works on Mobile SMS OTP ( One time password) based authentication where the captive portal asks for the user's mobile number and the user receives OTP over SMS and as the user enters valid and correct OTP code in the portal user will be able to access the Internet service.

d) OTP via E-mail Captive portal setup:

     This kind of captive portal works on E-Mail based OTP authentication. The user enters E-Mail id detail in the portal field          and  the user receives an OTP code via mail and as soon as the user enters a valid and correct OTP code in the portal          user  receives active Internet service.

e) Advertisement Captive portal:


     This is the captive portal that works on advertisement image clicking or video watched by the users.

     As the user watches an advertisement video or clicking an advertisement image, a rewarding user 

     will be able to access Internet service as per the plan of quota or validity time duration.

f)  Username & Password Captive Portal with Internal Authentication:

      This portal works with captive portal users created under captive portal service. Where the user needs to enter the                 correct and valid username password and Internet service will be enabled for that particular user as per the plan.



Let's go to the tabs under the Captive portal:

1) Portals

Portals tab is where you can create your user captive portals.

1.1   Create portal

         Create a portal that will allow you to choose your required captive portal type you want to establish.

1.2 Upload Portal

 Upload portal will allow you to upload your own developed portal.


Where you need to select your portal type and click the "Add zip file" button, map your files and upload it.

1.3  3rd Party Portal

        You can configure 3rd party portal such as from any particular vendor devices having

2) Voucher

     The voucher tab helps to create vouchers for the Voucher based captive portal.

3) OTP Config

      OTP config profile will be automatically created as you subscribe to the bundle with captive portals.

4) Survey

Survey based captive portals requires Surveys, and this tab will help to create various types of Surveys.

Below is an example of a created survey.

5) Captive Portal users ( for internal authentication)

     Captive portal users are for Internal username password based authentication captive portal.



6) SMS Config

     SMS Config is for mobile OTP based captive portal authentication, which means SMS config will contain SMS

     gateway related configuration details.

7) Access Management

   To revoke and stop the internet service of any user connected with any kind of captive portal, this feature is helpful.

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