1.    First we have to login in with username and password.

After login search name or cluster name .


2.    Then we have to go captive portal.


Then create portal  we get below window


Just skip it  

3.    After skip you get below window.


4.    Then you have drop down from  select template. You are getting so many options. From we have to select advertise. Then click on select template.


( one most important point is if we are goint to create portal for advertisement then for testing we need to upload videos or images which we want to play in advertise. So for that process given in how to create tenant and account document need to be refer.) 

Now as per below screen 


We now can select from business group  anything. ( here we select café )  then we need to give tenant id (which we created for video and images ) then press save. 


After that we got below portal. Fill welcome message ( any message which you want to display) and redirected url ( any url suppose we take here ( .  after that it must be click on right  mark 


After that mark right corner mark below also.



NOW we have to create policy. Generally for advertisement captive portal we use quota policy as per customer requirement. If customer wants one time then create quota policy one time if user want regularly then recurring option is taken.

Ok now for create policy. Goto profiles then policy then create policy


After that we got below portal


Give profile name description and from definition select quota policy.


Then filled as per customer need . then save and attach.  So our two steps completed.

Now we have to created security group.  And then click on  create security group 



Give ( profile name for security group )  name and descritption and from definition select group 



Then expand group details 



Then from drop down select quota policy which we created. 


Tick the enable quota policy



From drop down we have created quota policy with name adv-test . so select it. 


After that save and attach.


Now our next step is to create wlan.  Goto profile and then wlan


Then create wlan. 


Then give the name to wlan and description and from last definition select captive portal.


After selecting captive portal below portal displaed.


Given the name and then select  from captive portal  select  advertise . 


Then select plan  and from the plan drop down menu select group name which we made. Here we made adv-groop. 




If our wifi in gateway mode means on single lan different users wants to connect with different policy so we have to create network interface for that. So goto profile network interface then create network interface 



Given name and description and select LAN. Network interface must be configured because from single LAN if we want to apply multiple policy or create multiple ssid then we must have to create network interface.






Given the name and select captive from definition and then advertise and then  from plan 



From network interface select 



Then save and publish.