We will see the process of create captive portal for username and password.

  1. In First step we have to login  using username and password.



Then goto captive portals


And then create  portals



We got below screen so just skip it.


Then from drop down menu select username password. Then click on select template




After that we got below screen  select any thing which we want then save.

Then we got below screen in which you have to write welcome message and url.





Mark below true tick. Click on that mark.




Mark all three sign. Then close. 




Then press the below  close button.




After that we have to create policy. Goto profiles then policy







In time policy we set for Thursday 4 to 6


We create here policy name  as babu




After that we have to create security group.  Create security group.





In time policy enable time policy.


And then select policy – babu




Then save and attach.



Now we have to create interface because we are using apn which is in gateway mode and we want to define separate SSID so for that we have to create interface

So go to interface





Select LAN from there and then fill details. ( we select here LAN interface because customer connected through LAN here. If customer wants to connect from wan then we have to select wan interface.)if we want to utilize or create so many SSID then we have to create number of vlans on LAN interface.


Create different vlan for that . also specify the port of APN on which u want to create vlan. Here we are using vega model and its lan interface is  interface no 2.





Then in lan configuration we have to give some ip pool for devices which connected with wifi. So we have to give some ip pool. Any ip pool which can be used by network devices.



Then for outgoing router see we connect our mobile device with LAN port ssid and LAN Then going towards WAN interface.



Now click save and publish. Save and publish in current cluster.




Now create wlan.




Then fill details



Select active portal as username and password


Then go to plan and select security group ( profile)  name – which we configured as babusecurity




Then goto network interface and select ( we created babuint)  



Then save and publish.


After that we need to create captive users. Which is last step.

Goto captive portals and then captive portal users


Then create user


Here we create 2 users for testing.

1 is aaa and pwd is aaa

  1. bbb and pwd is bbb.

When we create user enter user name and password



after that save. So it shows below window.




Click on add portal-group


Select username and from group  ( babusecurity)





This process is finished.