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Welcome to this article about Ray SD-WAN adding remote workers, with SASE model security is moved from traffic-flows-centric to identity-centric to protect users, data and applications everywhere.

Ray SASE consolidates multiple point products, including ZTNA, Cloud SWG, CASB, FWaaS, Secure SD-WAN and ADEM, into a single integrated service, reducing network and security complexity while increasing organizational agility.

As a continuation from our previous article creating and configuring SD-WAN networks in the KB article - Ray SD-WAN HUB-SPOKE Configuration.

The following steps are to be taken only after following the setup and configuration of the SD-WAN network as described in the article Ray SD-WAN Configuration above.

To add a remote worker to our configured SD-WAN network. follow steps depicted below:

  • Click on SD-WAN Menu.
  • Click on Networks Submenu.
  • Click on actions button from the SD-WAN network created in previous article.
  • Click on add remote workers/server option.

  • A pop window will come up requesting for the remote worker details and email id.

  • Fill in the details with your name and email id / details of the Remote Worker then save.
  • Once above action completes, user shall receive an email invitation to join and access the SD-WAN Network containing the password and a link to download the binary / application based on your platform Windows/Linux/Mac OS for accessing the SD-WAN networks.

The link to the Binary redirects you to the SD-WAN application download page.

after downloading and installing the binary application, launch and connect. 

In this article we have covered adding and connecting remote workers/server to Ray SD-WAN Network.

In the next article on Ray SD-WAN we shall cover how to define Subnets and configuring ray SD-WAN rules and SLA's based on applications and network source and destination

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