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This Ray article covers the configuration of the Telnet Login management method for Ray switches. 

If you have read and followed our previous Ray Switch article RAY Switch First Time Setup: You were  most likely faced with a username and password prompt after completing the steps indicated.

In this article we are going to continue the configuration from RAY Switch First Time Setup: article. kindly view our previous article if its the first time you are connecting to a Ray Switch.

From previous article after enabling Telnet using below commands:


Switch(config)# telnet-server enable

If you attempt to telnet to your Ray switch using it's newly assigned ip address of  from a Windows PC this can be done using below method.

type Run in search and type telnet as shown below:

Login to the Telnet configuration interface. 

You will notice a Valid login name and password are required,

otherwise the switch will reject Telnet access. 

This is a method to protect the switch from unauthorized access.  As a result, when Telnet is enabled for configuring and managing the switch, A username and password for authorized Telnet users must be configured with the following



Switch#config terminal

Switch(config)#username admin privilege 15 password 0 admin123!

Switch(config-vty-line)#authentication line vty login local


Switch#copy running-config to startup-config                                                                                                                                


After  executing the above commands, we have set our username as admin and password as admin123!

If we try to login to our switch as before using telnet, we can use our above credentials to access our switch.

We should now be able to access our Ray switch using our credentials.

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