Configuring Ray Edge Micro 4G/5G sim slot for Wan:

In this article, we are going to demonstrate how to configure the Ray Edge micro 4G sim slot to use the cellular GSM module for WAN /internet access.

By default if there is a cabled network connection to the WAN port, the Ray edge micro 4G will attempt to use the default settings published in the cloud. how ever incase you dont have access to cabled wan, you can configure the GSM module of the from the Ray cloud controller.

Steps to configure Ray Edge micro 4G Sim slot:

Image below is of the Ray Edge Micro 4G/5G with sim card cellular GSM module support.


Step 1 to  step 4:

  1. From Ray cloud controller navigate to Profiles.
  2. Under profiles navigate to Available profiles.
  3. In the available profiles, select the network interface tab
  4. Click on create network interface tab.

The above steps are illustrated in screenshot image below:

Step 5,6 and 7:

On completing step 4 above by clicking on the + create network interface, a Network interface profile window will popup providing empty fields for filling in details for our new interface profile.

We shall now give our new network interface a profile name. in this example i used Ray Edge micro 4G SIM inter

The description is optional, but we recommend you describe the network interface to easily identify the profile and what it does, I this example in description, i used Sim slot wan interface.

Under definitions, there is a drop down list from which we shall select the kind of network profile this  will be, This step is very important !!! and has been highlighted as Step 5. We shall select WAN as our definition since we are creating cellular access.

on selecting WAN interface, we shall see several option populated, in internet tab we shall chose DHCP ,

Then for our next important step we need to navigate to the  GSM Configuration tab. highlighted as Step 6.

There are 2 options for GSM configuration, Auto configuration and Manual configuration.

The default is auto configuration. after selecting GSM configuration mode. The next important step is to select the correct hardware model of Ray appliance. in this setup we need to select the Ray Edge micro 5G. Please note its important to select the right hardware model since not all Ray appliances are sim enabled. This step is highlighted as Step 7.

On selecting the Ray Edge Micro 5G in hardware, The GSM drop down list on your right shall come up highlighted with red underline in image below. chose sim 1.

See image of screenshot illustrating steps above step 5, 6 and 7:

For Manual GSM configuration, We need to acquire the APN and username and Password authentication details from your simcard service provider.

see image below:

Step 8:

After configuring our GSM and sim configuration, we need to Navigate to the advance tab and click on drop down list and highlight the checkbox for Gateway below the Applicable for field. this step is labelled as Step 8 in our image below. 

Please note this step is also an important step. 

See image of screenshot illustrating Step 8:

Step 9:

In our final step, we shall save and publish our profile as highlighted in step 9 below to make the profile active. 

our GSM and sim cellular service should now become active. you can check the signal bars indicator LEDs on your Ray Edge micro 4G/5G to make sure is getting good cellular signal reception.

See image of screenshot showing Step 9 above:

We hope this article was helpful.

Thank you.

Ray Support