User sessions history can be seen by following the below mentioned steps in below screenshots:

  1. Login on and Goto specific cluster where users are using the network.
  2. Goto Clients (Step1) -> Devices -> Select SSID (Step2) -> User Sessions (Step3)
  3. You will see there are two categories:
    1. Online Sessions:
      1. This page contains sessions information for the online/connect clients. Click on Online Session (Step4), Goto action button (Step6) for respected user and View History (Step7)
      2. Now you will see all the connected device history for user with respect specific account. Click on action button (Step8) and View History (Step9)
      3. Now you will see all historical information for user sessions (Step10):
    2. Offline Sessions: Similarly, you can check for offline users; those were connected before but now disconnected; by selecting step 5 and rest same (from Step 6-10).