Since you have gone through the first AP setup and Ray service registration process ( refer below-given link ), your first AP should be up and running and showcasing in your controller dashboard.

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But what if your AP doesn't appear in your dashboard and kept on blinking slowly? 

Don't worry, there are few diagnostics steps you can follow to troubleshoot and eliminate that issue.

 What is the normal behaviour of Ray AP? 

      Well, when you plug in the cable into the AP and after all the settings and registration is done,         then your AP behaviour will be as explained below.

  1. When you first plug in the cable into a fresh AP, it will start fast blinking after approx. 30  seconds.
  2. After 30 seconds of fast blinking, it will start blinking slowly for 40 seconds, if slow blinking extends more than 40 seconds then don't worry, let it finish blinking for few more seconds, and wait for at least the next 5 minutes until it becomes stable.
  3. Once you see the AP's blue led stable, login into your Ray controller and check the status of your AP under the access point tab, the status of up and down should be with a green colour arrow, that is the sign of your RAY AP is up and running and ready for the use.


Refer to the below image to get an idea about the functional status of RAY AP.

The arrows highlighted with the red square is the indication of AP's Up state.

* What is unusual behaviour?

  RAY AP is designed with very highly intelligent architecture which provides users ease of setup and troubleshooting, as you RAY users never need to worry about maintenance, we are already proactively watching out our customer's devices.

If Ray AP led is not blinking as per the normal behaviour explained earlier and you are not able to see your AP online yet.

Then there is something wrong with the details or a small configuration that needs to be checked to diagnose the actual issue.