Important steps to check apn device functional or not.


  1. Light indication given on APN Device.


Red color indicates device is booting and up.



Green color indicates device taken ip address from hub or switch.



Blue color indicates device is connected with the cloud. 


  1. Other parameters need to consider for apn device like NIC Card or lan card of device is blinking or not while we connect lan cable to the device. If there is no any light then it might be issue with NIC Card of APN. 
  2. If we use POE then if there is no any light blinking on NIC card of device so it might be issue with nic card or switch port.
  3. We can check APN device by DC power supply ( Directly on power adapater)
  4. If everthing is ok but user not getting internet on wifi then we need to check other hardware at customer site like firewall , switch port status, switch configuration etc.