How to check SNR ratio.  And fix value of SNR Ratio.


  1. First login into with username and password.
  2. After that you have to search username or cluster name
  3. After you have to select appliance.


  1. After select appliance we can check clients connected to appliance. Clients may pe ( laptop, mobile ) etc.


In action you have to select view.


You can check the snr ration as below.


Now you can see above value is 31. SNR ration is 31. Now if user going away from device so check snr ratio value. As user goes away from apn snr value is decreased. So we  have to specify some value for snr ratio. For that we have to go to profile – radioà



Then create radio


Give the profile name , description , hardware and definition



We have given profile name  plus description . plus hardware we have to select model of apn. And last radio ( three radio option is there). Then operation region ( india). Then expand 2.4g/b/n  and 5g( radio 1 and radio 2 specify some value ) configuration mark tick or enable on       Reject client with low SNR. And enter the value for example we enter 18 value . after entering the value in 4g and 5g ( radio 1 and radio 2) save and publish.





After filling details just save and publish. After that you can verify in jobs. Its task showing as a finished.

For check in jobs you have to click on main page- home then jobs

You can see in screenshot snr test profile is finished and working.


This is the just simple steps to reduce the snr value of client or device which is connected with wifi or apn.