When we create a Web-Filter Policy then it is important to test if performed actions were successful or we need to investigate to fix the issue. Here we shall check if a web-filter policy which is created for blocking or allowing different websites or web portal are working fine with the below steps:

For futher testing if Web-Filter policy is properly applied or not; please follow the steps and test if any social website such as Facebook or Twitter; those are well known social websites, are opening or not; steps are as below:

  1. Login on Ray Cloud Contoller
  2. Goto correct child cluster where particular policy is created here Cluster Name (Root) --> Child Cluster
  3. Goto Profiles --> Available Profiles --> Policies and click on Action button of Web-Filtering Policy, goto block categories and select "Social Networking" as shown below
  4. Type remarks and submit
  5. open web-browser and test if any social network website if is opening or not to test if Web-filter is applied properly or not.