If you face Ray Edge Atom device is in your office network and facing issue, then kindly verify the below steps:

  1. Also provide below information:
    1. Does users able to use internet connection from local network via RAY device
    2. Does the only problem device not showing online on cloud.ray.life page
  2. Check LAN connected end user computersbelow information:
    1. ipconfig /all
    2. ping
    3. tracert -d

Once you collect the above information, below are troubleshooting steps to perform:

  1. If end users are able to use local network and connect to internet websites:
    1. Plan downtime.
    2. Reset the device by pressing "Reset" button for 30 seconds.
    3. Regenerate the device certificate; KB: https://support.ray.life/en/support/solutions/articles/81000395070-regenerating-certificate
    4. Wait for 5 minutes and check if issue is resolved.
    5. If issue still persists, please try to reset ray gateway device by using following steps:
      1. check if default SSID is broadcasting from ray device, if yes try to connect a PC/laptop via wifi connection and perform action in below reset ray device KB
      2. check if default SSID is not broadcasting from ray device, connect a PC/laptop via LAN cable to LAN/WAN port of Ray device and perform action in below reset ray device KB and regenerate device certificate using KB: https://support.ray.life/en/support/solutions/articles/81000395070-regenerating-certificate

        Reset Ray Device KB: https://support.ray.life/en/support/solutions/articles/81000412471-factory-reset-ray-access-point
  2. If end users are able to use local network and but not able connect to internet websites:
    1. Check internet connections via
      1. using a local PC - if wired link
      2. using a working mobile device by inserting SIM card - if internet is used via SIM cards
  3. If end users are not able to use local network and but not able connect to internet websites:
    1. Check if device is powered on
    2. Check if both LAN and WAN cables are connected properly; suggest to please do jack out and jack in connecting cables

Note: Kindly open a ticket on https://support.ray.life or send email to support@ray.life to share all troubleshooting screenshots and device photograph for initial level validation by TAC team.